With the official release of the "Hobo Murder Ballad" record just around the corner, on Record Store Day 2020, we are so pleased to announce the following engagements:

Friday May 1 - The Van Sessions Live Podcast @ The Monarch in Ogden, Utah. 9pm

Saturday May 2 - Roger Clyne And The Peacemakers w/ The Artisan Thieves @ The State Room in Salt Lake City, Utah 8pm

Hey Little Bird Sing

1/13/20 - The first single off the upcoming "Hobo Murder Ballad" record makes it's debut across all streaming services and becomes available to purchase online at iTunes and Amazon. Also available as a free download.

The song is about being broken, rising up out of the ashes and rubble, and finding your voice again. 

"Dig down deep. Hey Little Bird, Sing."
1/24/20 - Shadow Of A Great Divide makes its debut, across all streaming and music download platforms, as the second single off of the upcoming "Hobo Murder Ballad" record release. 
1/31/20 - Mamas Boy makes its debut across all streaming and music download service platforms, as the third single release, from the upcoming "Hobo Murder Ballad" record.

The Airwaves

1/26/20 - Ryan talks "Hey Little Bird Sing" with Jacquline Jax on AVA Live Radio.
On The Horizon

Upcoming music from The Artisan Thieves.
Hobo Murder Ballad is all but finished. It's a culmination of old tunes, and new, from the the Ryan Boyce Music and The Artisan Thieves catalogs repectively. All the tracks have been re-recorded and branded with new takes and new sounds that make the Artisan Thieves sound so distinct and unique. Look for the release in spring of 2020.
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